Dynamic Dataflow

The Dynamic Dataflow (DDF) domain is a superset of the Synchronous Dataflow (SDF) and Boolean dataflow (BDF) domains. In the SDF domain, an actor consumes and produces a fixed number of tokens per firing. This static information makes possible compile-time scheduling. In the DDF domain, an actor could change the production and consumption rates after each firing. The scheduler makes no attempt to construct a compile-time schedule, neither does it attempt to statically answer questions about deadlock and boundedness, which are fundamentally undecidable. Instead, each actor has a set of sequential firing rules (patterns) and can be fired if one of them is satisfied, i.e., one particular firing pattern forms a prefix of sequences of unconsumed tokens at input ports. The scheduler dynamically schedules the firing of actors according to some criteria. The canonical actors in the DDF domain include Select and Switch, which consume or produce tokens on different channels based on the token received from the control port.


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