Package diva.canvas.toolbox

The Diva "toolbox" package.


Class Summary
BasicCanvasPane A basic implementation of a canvas pane, provided for simple applications.
BasicController A basic controller implementation.
BasicEllipse A figure that displays as an ellipse.
BasicFigure A BasicFigure is one that contains a single instance of Shape.
BasicHighlighter A decorator figure that displays a highlight behind the figure.
BasicRectangle A figure that displays as a rectangle.
GraphicsParser A collection of utilities to help parsing graphics from strings and other kinds of external storage.
GridLayer A grid layer displays a rectangular grid.
IconFigure An IconFigure is a figure that contains a main background figure, a PaintedObject to decorate that figure, a label, and an arbitrary number of attached Terminal objects.
ImageFigure A figure which draws a user-specified image.
LabelFigure A figure which draws a string.
LabelWrapper A LabelWrapper is a figure that attaches a label to some other figure.
PaintedFigure A PaintedFigure is contains an arbitrary set of PaintedObjects in a list.
PathFigure Deprecated. BasicFigure now does everything this class used to do.
RoundedRectangle A figure that displays as a rounded rectangle.
SVGParser A collection of utilities to help parse graphics out of SVG files.
SVGUtilities A collection of utility functions to aid in figures from SVG, the Scalable Vector Graphics language.
SwingWrapper A figure that embeds swing components in canvas drawings.
TypedDecorator A FigureDecorator implementation which simply acts as a set of prototypes which can be instantiated according to the type of object the decorator is applied to.
VectorFigure A VectorFigure is a figure containing a list of objects that are drawn to produce the figure.

Package diva.canvas.toolbox Description

The Diva "toolbox" package. This package contains concrete figure classes, various renderers (subclasses of FigureWrapper), and so on. This is the right place to add new types of Figure (provided that they are generally useful).

Ptolemy II 1.0