The package.


Class Summary
CustomizableRunFrame A top-level frame for a customizable run control panel.
CustomizableRunPane A panel for interacting with an executing Ptolemy II model.
InterfaceTableau A tableau that creates a new run control panel for a ptolemy model.
InterfaceTableau.Factory A factory that creates run control panel tableaux for Ptolemy models.
LayoutTable A table subclass to make it easier to handle dragging and dropping.
LayoutTableau A run control pane for the model.
PaletteList A customized version of the DndList class by Michael Connor (
PtolemyFormEditor A customized version of the FormEditor class by Michael Connor (
PtolemyFormEditor.ComponentPaletteListRenderer Renderer for the palette items.
RunLayoutFrame A top-level frame for editing the layout of a customizable run control panel.

Package Description

The package.

Ptolemy II 7.2