The Continuous domain kernel.


Interface Summary
ContinuousStatefulComponent Interface for actors and directors that have tentative state that can be rolled back.
ContinuousStepSizeController Interface for actors and directors that control integration step sizes.

Class Summary
ContinuousDirector The continuous time domain is a timed domain that supports continuous-time signals, discrete-event signals, and mixtures of the two.
ContinuousIntegrator The integrator in the continuous domain.
ContinuousIntegrator.IntegratorCausalityInterface Custom causality interface that fine tunes the equivalent ports and removes the dependence of the state output on the derivative input.
ContinuousODESolver Abstract base class for ODE solvers.
ContinuousScheduler The Static scheduler for the Continuous domain.
HybridModalDirector An HybridModalDirector governs the execution of the discrete dynamics of a hybrid system model.
Noise This actor generates continuous-time noise with a Gaussian distribution.

Package Description

The Continuous domain kernel.

Ptolemy II 6.1