The package.


Interface Summary
ChoiceAction An action implementing this interface is a choice action.
CommitAction An action implementing this interface is a commit action.
ConfigurableEntity An interface for entities that can be configured.
RefinementActor An interface for actors that act as refinements of states in FSMs or events in Ptera models.

Class Summary
AbstractActionsAttribute A base class for actions with semicolon delimited lists of commands.
Action An Action is contained by a Transition in an FSMActor or an Event in an ERGController.
CommitActionsAttribute An action that changes the state of the system.
Configurer A composite actor that serves as container of the contents of a configurable entity.
Configurer.ContainmentExtender The containment extender that returns the configured object as the container of this configurer.
ContainmentExtender An implementation of containment extender for modal models as an attribute.
FSMActor An FSMActor contains a set of states and transitions.
FSMCausalityInterface This class infers the causality interface of an FSMActor by checking the guards and actions of the transitions.
FSMDirector An FSMDirector governs the execution of a modal model.
ModalDirector An ModalDirector governs the execution of a modal model.
MultirateFSMDirector This director extends FSMDirector by supporting production and consumption of multiple tokens on a port in a firing.
NonStrictFSMDirector This director extends FSMDirector by consuming only input tokens that are needed in the current state.
OutputActionsAttribute An action that sends outputs to one or more ports.
ParseTreeEvaluatorForGuardExpression This class extends the ParseTreeEvaluator class.
RelationList A RelationList object contains a list of relations of a guard expression.
RelationNode An instance of the RelationNode class stores the type and difference information of a relation.
RelationType A static class contains a list of types for relation node.
State A State has two ports: one for linking incoming transitions, the other for outgoing transitions.
State.InvisibleModalModel An attribute that marks a modal model is created because the designer opens a design pattern whose top-level is an FSMActor.
State.UpdateContentsRequest A change request the updates the refinements of a state if it contains a configure element.
StateEvent An event indicating a state change.
Transition A Transition has a source state and a destination state.

Exception Summary
MultipleEnabledTransitionsException Thrown when multiple outgoing transitions from one state are enabled at the same time.

Package Description

The package.

Ptolemy II 0.2