Interface ChannelListener

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AtomicWirelessChannel, DelayChannel, ErasureChannel, LimitedRangeChannel, LinkVisualizer, PowerLossChannel, SurgeVisualizer

public interface ChannelListener

Interface for channel listeners. If a ChannelListener is added to a channel, then for each transmission, it is notified and given all pertinent information, including the transmission properties, the token transmitted, source port and the destination port.

Ptolemy II 5.2
$Id: 57040 2010-01-27 20:52:32Z cxh $
Heather Taylor, Elaine Cheong
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Method Summary
 void channelNotify(RecordToken properties, Token token, WirelessIOPort source, WirelessIOPort destination)
          React to a transmission on the channel on which this is listening.

Method Detail


void channelNotify(RecordToken properties,
                   Token token,
                   WirelessIOPort source,
                   WirelessIOPort destination)
React to a transmission on the channel on which this is listening. The channel will call this method after a transmission occurs, which means that the transmission properties seen by this method are they same as those seen by the destination.

properties - The transmission properties after they have been transformed by any registered PropertyTransformers.
token - The token transmitted.
source - The sending port.
destination - The receiving port.