Class AttributeBoundsManipulator

  extended by diva.canvas.AbstractFigure
      extended by diva.canvas.AbstractFigureContainer
          extended by diva.canvas.FigureDecorator
              extended by diva.canvas.interactor.Manipulator
                  extended by diva.canvas.interactor.BoundsManipulator
                      extended by ptolemy.vergil.toolbox.AttributeBoundsManipulator
All Implemented Interfaces:
CanvasComponent, Figure, FigureContainer, FigureSet, VisibleComponent, UserObjectContainer

public class AttributeBoundsManipulator
extends BoundsManipulator

This is a bounds manipulator supporting resizable icons. It records the new size when the mouse is released, and supports snap to grid.

Ptolemy II 4.0
$Id: 57040 2010-01-27 20:52:32Z cxh $
Edward A. Lee
Accepted Rating:
Red (johnr)
Proposed Rating:
Red (eal)

Nested Class Summary
private  class AttributeBoundsManipulator.Resizer
          An interactor class that changes the bounds of the child figure and triggers a repaint.
Field Summary
private  NamedObj _container
private  FigureDecorator _instanceDecorator
private  AttributeBoundsManipulator.Resizer _resizer
Constructor Summary
AttributeBoundsManipulator(NamedObj container)
          Construct a new bounds manipulator.
Method Summary
 void mouseReleased(LayerEvent e)
          Make a persistent record of the new size by issuing a change request.
 FigureDecorator newInstance(Figure f)
          Create a new instance of this manipulator.
 void setSnapResolution(double resolution)
          Set the snap resolution.
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Field Detail


private FigureDecorator _instanceDecorator


private NamedObj _container


private AttributeBoundsManipulator.Resizer _resizer
Constructor Detail


public AttributeBoundsManipulator(NamedObj container)
Construct a new bounds manipulator.

container - The container of the icon to be manipulated.
Method Detail


public void mouseReleased(LayerEvent e)
Make a persistent record of the new size by issuing a change request.

mouseReleased in class BoundsManipulator
e - The mouse event.


public FigureDecorator newInstance(Figure f)
Create a new instance of this manipulator. The new instance will have the same grab handle, and interactor for grab-handles. This is typically called on the prototype to yield a decorator that gets displayed while the object is selected.

newInstance in class BoundsManipulator


public void setSnapResolution(double resolution)
Set the snap resolution.

resolution - The snap resolution.