Reprogrammable Platforms for High-Speed Data Acquisition

Jozsef Ludvig, James McCarthy, Stephen Neuendorffer, Sonia R. Sachs.

Kluwer Journal of Design Automation for Embedded Systems

Volume 7, Number 4

Prepublished version
Published version


Complex embedded systems that do not target mass markets often have design and engineering costs that exceed production costs. One example is the triggering and data acquisition system (DAQ) integrated into high-energy physics experiments. Parametrizable and reprogrammable architectures are natural candidates as platforms for specialized embedded systems like high-speed data acquisition systems. In order to facilitate the design of specialized embedded systems, design strategies and tools are needed that greatly increase the efficiency of the design process. End-user programmability of reprogrammable platforms is essential, because system designers, without training in low-level programming languages, are required to change the base design, compare designs, and generate configuration data for the reprogrammable platforms. This paper presents a methodology for designing and evaluating high-speed data acquisition systems using reprogrammable platforms.